Pastries at Poilane.
Tarte aux pommes and croissants at Poilane.

I’ve decided to write about a different pastry in Paris every Saturday, because I might as well put all these calories to good use. First up is the tarte aux pommes at Poilane, one of Paris’ best and most historic bakeries. The original tiny location is located in a former convent in Saint Germain (the bakery still reportedly makes bread in the original 17th century wood-burning oven in the basement) but we have a great location near us in the Marais complete with a cafe that makes tartines–open faced sandwiches and a bakery brimming with fresh loaves like the famed Poilane Miche, a sourdough loaf with thick golden crust.

Poilane’s inviting exterior.

Justin and I have woken up early twice now to walk to this bakery in search of bread and both times we’ve been unable to resist the tarte aux pommes–a tart filled with fresh apples and topped with a sprinkling of brown sugar. We carry the pastries home and savor every last nibble– the perfectly cooked apples that are still somewhat firm, the buttery almost savory crust that dissolves delicately in your mouth as you chew and the bit of brown sugar that gives you a hint of carmly sweetness and another layer of texture. It’s a pretty perfect pastry in a city filled with perfect pastries.

Poilane was started in 1932 and while its grown to 5 locations, and a larger manufacturing facility, the family owned business doesn’t seem to have lost its commitment to quality and artistry. It’s nice to know some things don’t change.

Bread at Poilane.
Bread at Poilane.


38 rue Debelleyme

Paris, 75003

01 44 61 83 39


  1. Thanks, Casey! This will make you leaving town so much more bearable…NOT! 😉 You are killing me with this, but I am looking forward to next Saturday’s treat. Have fun! S.

    • Casey Hatfield-Chiotti

      Well maybe you and Pat need to take a trip to Paris so you can sample all these tasty treats!