A Video Guide to the Marais

The Marais is my favorite neighborhood in Paris. It includes the 3rd and 4th arrondissements and offers 16th century architecture, Israeli street food and wonderful shopping. The Marais is also one of the rare parts of Paris that is lively on Sundays but know if you go that day you will encounter large crowds. I recommend visiting midweek when shops are open, but it’s a bit more quiet. Here is a video guide to the area. Continue reading “A Video Guide to the Marais”

A Weekend in Beaune

When people ask me where my favorite place is in France, I quickly say the Burgundy wine region. I can’t stay away– I’ve been five times in four years. Why do I love it? The walled city of Beaune is charming with excellent restaurants, wine bars and great affordable places to stay. The history of the region is fascinating and the wine, in my view, is simply the best in the world. Here’s my video guide to the region. For more videos check out my Voyagez series on Tripfilms.com.

Exploring the Loire Valley

You could say I’ve been obsessed with France’s Loire Valley since I stumbled on a book about the region’s famed châteaux at my local library as a child. With a meandering river, lush countryside and beautiful castles it looks like a fairy tale land but the stories behind the châteaux are full of drama and intrigue. The food and the wine are also excellent making it a truly captivating place to visit. This is my video guide to the region. Continue reading “Exploring the Loire Valley”

Riding The Rails: New Zealand’s Rail Trail

Last year I went on an amazing trip to New Zealand. A highlight was riding the Rail Trail, an over 90 mile railway track turned bike trail that takes you through the South Island’s beautiful Central Otago. With mostly flat terrain, it’s leisurely riding but you get to pass through golden rolling hills, stay in boutique inns and best of all get a glimpse of rural New Zealand life. If you go make sure to overnight at the Wedderburn Cottages and the Pitches Store in Ophir.