The Vault Karaköy used to be a bank.
The Vault Karaköy used to be a bank.

The House Hotel Group’s newest boutique hotel in Istanbul is the Vault Karaköy, a luxurious property in the up and coming Beyoglu neighborhood. The hotel is located on Bankalar Caddesi meaning Avenue of the Banks and indeed the stately building building was a bank during the 19th century.

The ornate facade.
The hotel is located in the Beyoglu neighborhood.

At one time the neighborhood was the city’s financial center but it fell on hard times after the creation of the Republic. Revitalization efforts are breathing new life into the neighborhood and you’ll find museums, art galleries and hip cafes lining the nearby streets. At the Vault Karaköy many original features from the ornate iron elevator to old dial up telephones in the hallways have been preserved giving you the sense that this building was around during the time of the Orient Express when Istanbul was a glamorous and exotic destination for westerners.

Thanks to a spiffy renovation, the guest rooms feel thoroughly modern and offer high ceilings, marble bathrooms, leather upholstered headboards, and hand-painted ceilings. With slanted ceilings, rooms on the top floor are cozier, but some have balconies with views of the Blue Mosque and the Aghia Sophia. Former bank vaults have been turned into a wine cellar and a bar and the restaurant off the lobby–Kasa Locanta serves contemporary Turkish cuisine. The breakfast buffet featuring various nut butters, breads, salads, jams and pastries is delicious. Close to the Galata Bridge, the Old City and sites like the Spice Market are a short walk away.

Original features like these dial up phones give the hotel character.
Original features like these rotary phones give the hotel character.

Bankala Caddessi No. 5

34420 Beyoglu, Istanbul

+90 (212) 244 6434




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