A selection of journalism by or about Casey Hatfield-Chiotti.

11/18/2016 Departures: The Fountain of Youth

10/28/2016 Robb Report: 10 European Suites Bringing New-School Luxury to the Old World

9/16/2016 Departures: Where to Eat Tapas in Barcelona

8/1/2016 Departures: Guide to Paris

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6/30/2016 Modern Luxury: 10 Most Exciting New Restaurants

5/1/2016 Departures: Guide to Barcelona

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1/22/2016 Tripfilms: Twelve Travel Questions with Casey Hatfield-Chiotti

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1/19/2016 Ziptopia: The Easy-Breezy Guide to San Diego’s South Park

1/1/2016 Robb Report: The Top 21 Destinations for 2016, Paris

1/1/2016 Robb Report: Glass House

11/23/2015 Departures: A Worthy Home for Rodin

11/23/2015 Departures: Truffle Hunting in Provence

11/10/2015 HiP Paris: Hunting for the Best Boeuf Bourguignon in France

11/4/2015 Departures: Mexico’s Best Resorts and Hotels

10/2015 Cooking Light: 2,000 Calories and 10,000 Steps in San Diego

9/9/2015 Departures: Ballyfin: Ireland’s Best Boutique Luxury Resort?

9/8/2015 Departures: Where to Eat, Sleep, and Spa on Lake Como, Italy

9/1/2015 Robb Report: Jump Start

9/2015 Sunset: The DIY Chef

8/25/2015 Travel & Leisure: Ten Guided Tours That are (Actually) Worth Taking

7/21/2015 Yahoo Travel: Eat Your Way Through Europe

7/1/2015 Departures: How to Do London Art Week and Brown’s London Art Weekend

6/22/2015 Departures: Yachts to Charter Now

6/17/2015 Robb Report: Five Beautiful New Zealand Vacation Villas

5/7/2015 Robb Report: Shop the United Kingdom’s Best Artisanal Products at the Rosewood London Hotel

4/17/2015 Departures: The Pageantry of Saut Hermès

4/1/2015 Robb Report: For the Love of the Game

3/18/2015 HiP Paris: Paris for Jewelry Lovers

3/2015 Sunset: Ask a Local Venice Beach

2/9/2015 HiP Paris: The Best Poulet Rôti in the City of Light

1/12/2015 Departures: The Best Hotel Suites to Book in Paris

1/2015 Departures: Creative Croissants

1/2015 Sunset: North Park’s New Shine

1/2015 Sunset: Ask a Local Balboa Park

12/8/2014 HiP Paris: Day Trips from Paris: Fontainebleau, Malmaison and More

12/2014 Travel & Leisure: World’s Most Visited Castles

12/2014 Travel & Leisure: America’s Best Food Halls

11/2014 Bon Appetit: Beyond the Baguette, Where to Find the Other Great Breads in Paris

10/21/2014 HiP Paris: Bob’s Bake Shop: A Slice of New York in Paris’ 18th Arrondissement

9/3/2014 HiP Paris: Found Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Paris

9/2014 Sunset: The Coast is Clear, Laguna Beach

7/2014 Sunset: A Perfect Day in Coronado

7/2014 Virgin Atlantic: Why You Must Visit the New Look San Diego Waterfront

6/3/2014 Mapquest Discover: Petco Park Gameday Guide

6/2014: Sunset: Mr. Mustard

6/1/2014 Bon Appetit: Drink Pairings for Jon Snow, Joffrey and 14 Other ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters

5/22/2014 HiP Paris: Your French Wine Guide: Affordable Wines of Burgundy

5/2014 Virgin Atlantic: The Top Films Shot in San Diego

5/2014 Sunset: Jailhouse Shops, The Headquarters

4/29/2014 HiP Paris: It’s Not Just A Man’s World: A Closer Look at Women and Wine in Burgundy

4/21/2014 HiP Paris: Mil Amores Tortilleria: Authentic Tortillas in Paris-Finally!

4/17/2014 The Points Guy: Hotel Review W Verbier, Switzerland

3/26/2014 HiP Paris: Paris’ Best Running Clubs: Fitness is Finally Cool in the City of Pastries

2/20/2014 Bon Appetit: Fish Tacos in Baja California: 6 Deliciously Different Takes

1/2014 San Diego Magazine: Sweet Sayulita

1/2014 92024 Magazine: Casey’s Miso Glazed Delicata Squash

1/2014 Virgin Atlantic: Things to do in North Park San Diego

1/2014 Travel & Leisure: A Taste of Baja Weekender

1/2014 Virgin Atlantic: The King of San Diego’s Cocktail Bars

1/2014 Virgin Atlantic: Giddy Up, Where to Go Horseback Riding in San Diego

10/2/2013 Bon Appetit: 11 Classic Pastries You’ve Never Heard Of (But Want to Eat Now)

8/2013 Travel & Leisure: America’s Best Bakeries

8/2013 Sunset: Day Trip Liberty Station

7/2013 San Diego Magazine: Weekend Getaways

6/12/2013 The Points Guy: Wine Wednesday, Portland Craft Beer and Spirits

6/2013 Virgin Atlantic: Discover San Diego, A Beginner’s Guide

4/17/2013 The Points Guy: Wine Wednesday, Valle de Guadalupe

4/3/2013 The Points Guy: Wine Wednesday, Paso Robles

4/2013 San Diego Magazine: Hawaii’s Sophisticated Side

3/2013 Sunset: Day Trip Normal Heights

2/2013 San Diego Magazine: Savor Sonoma

1/2013 San Diego Magazine: Howdy Tucson

1/2013 San Diego Magazine: Slopeside Celebration

1/2013 San Diego Magazine: It’s a Date

7/2012 San Diego Magazine: Best Weekend Getaways