Travel writer Casey Hatfield-Chiotti and her son Wylie in ParisHi! I’m Casey. Welcome to Travelproper.

Tired of only having ten days off a year, I quit my job as a TV news reporter in 2008. I’ve been traveling since. After life-altering trips like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and backpacking through Argentina, I decided to make travel my career. I became a freelance food, travel and lifestyle writer in 2012. I’ve contributed to The New York Times, AfarSunset, Travel + Leisure, Departures, Robb Report, Modern Luxury San Diego, Bon Appétit and others.

I had a baby in 2016 and my husband and I have kept on traveling. Wylie has been to Argentina, Cuba, France, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Uruguay. Traveling with a child is more work, but it can be done. One of the goals of this website is to urge families with children, and anyone really, to keep traveling. Don’t stop because you have kids or your life is too complicated or you’re too tied down.

Think Outside the Box

My husband and I don’t own a house or fancy cars, but this has enabled us to travel the world. We even lived in Paris for two years. Justin kept his job as a San Diego Firefighter and commuted back and forth. It meant plenty of jet lag for him and having a long-distance marriage for two years, but we both agree, it was worth it. At the end of our time in Paris, we got the best news of all, Wylie’s impending arrival. We still spend a lot of time in France.

I hope this website makes you hungry, lets you escape the daily grind for a moment and, most importantly, gives you travel itineraries you can replicate. Travel shouldn’t be something you only fantasize about. I want to give you the tools and ideas to make it happen.

Family Travel that Doesn’t Feel Like It

While I am interested in family travel these days for obvious reasons, this is not the typical family travel website. My husband and I are not “resort people.” We love cities, wine travel, outdoor adventure, and amazing restaurants. I won’t scare you with a list of the zillion things you need to bring with you when you travel with a baby or child as some other sites do. Being unprepared sucks, but less is more. Since Wylie’s birth, every restaurant and hotel we’ve chosen while traveling has been a place we would have gone if we didn’t have a child.

Why Travelproper?

I’ve always loved the very British word proper. To me, it harkens back to a time when people had better manners. I like to think of it as doing things the right way, so you could say Travelproper means traveling the right way. In my opinion, this means getting off the beaten tourist track, immersing yourself in a culture when you arrive and splurging smartly. I love great food and nice accommodations and I’m always looking for that gem of a hotel or restaurant that is affordable without sacrificing style or authenticity. Please use this website as a resource if you’re traveling to Paris or any of the other destinations we’ve covered. On this website, you’ll find hotel reviews, city guides and stories about our adventures. Please share your favorite family travel destinations, restaurants and hotels with us so we can check them out on our next trip.

Notes About this Website

I write only about places I love and would recommend whole heartedly.

Most hotels I feature are affordable. I consider this $250 or less, but I live for incredible hotel stays, so I will write about luxury experiences that are “splurge-worthy.” This will be mentioned in the story title.

My husband or I have taken all the pictures on this site, unless otherwise noted. We have a Canon 6D.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, you can follow me on Twitter @caseyhatfield. You can also find me on Instagram @travel_proper and find me on Facebook. If you have questions about the site or need a writer, editor or photographer for a project, please email me at: To see more of my work, take a look at my online portfolio. And check out the interview I did with photographer Carris Bennett Christianson about my path to becoming a food and travel writer.