Influencers, photographers and others share family travel advice including friendliest destinations, must have items and tips for dealing with dreaded kid jet lag.

I’m so inspired by the moms I’m seeing crisscrossing the globe with their kids on social media. I decided to reach out to some of my favorites to see if they would share their family travel tips with my readers. They were kind enough to respond with these thoughtful and helpful answers. Some takeaways: The more you do it the easier it gets for everyone and despite the inevitable hiccups, traveling with kids is always worth it in the end.

Read on to learn more about these inspiring women who work in a variety of travel-related professions. These family travel tips will help make your next adventure more memorable, whether it’s far-flung or close to home, just like the experiences you can enjoy at this Phu Quoc 5 star resort.

Image of Lola Akinmade Akerstrom with daughter in Morocco
Lola with her daughter in Morocco.

Photographer and Writer Lola Akinmade Åkerström

Editor-in-chief of Slow Travel Stockholm and an award-winning writer and photographer whose work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, BBC, CNN, The Guardian and Travel + Leisure, Lola does it all.

Home base? Stockholm, Sweden.

Number of countries visited with your children? I’d already taken my daughter on various trips and assignments to roughly 20 countries before she turned three. I have a son now and when we’re not all traveling as a family, I plan special one-on-one trips with each of them so they get to experience travel their own way with Mommy guiding them. Over the next two months, I’m taking my son to London and my daughter to Japan in-between solo work trips.

Best thing about traveling with kids? Traveling with kids makes you a better problem-solver on the go. It sharpens your skills and reflexes. More importantly, you get to witness their wide-eyed wonder at the world all around them, igniting that spark of wanderlust.

Hardest thing about traveling with kids? The entire pace of the trip is dictated by your kids. You will cut your sightseeing list in half. You won’t be able to do all the things you personally want to. This also often means eating the bulk of our meals around lunch time because by 6 pm, trying to take a toddler out to a restaurant is like playing the lottery. You tend to lose every time.

Won’t leave home without? When traveling with babies, I couldn’t travel without my Babybjörn carrierStokke PramPack, portable electric pump, and pacifiers for take-off and landings. For toddlers, it is an umbrella stroller, CARES Safety Harness for plane rides, and their favorite activities and toys. On my site, I have a Family Travel section where I share resources.

Most family-friendly destination you’ve visited? Besides my neighboring Nordic countries, I love going to Spain and Maldives beach houses with the family. One of our most memorable family travels was bringing them with me on assignment to Mauritius and the Seychelles.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for moms who are intimated, but want to travel with their children? There are tons of resources out there to guide you and it’s a lot easier than you think. Kids are very versatile and adaptable, and they will feed off your own energy. Relax and have fun. Plus, up until the age of two, they can fly for free in your lap on most airlines, so take advantage of that., @lolaakinmade

Lola was a featured speaker at Women’s Travel Fest in New York City.

(On a side note, my favorite stroller for traveling with a baby six months or older is the BabyZen YOYO.)

Lauren has over 90,000 followers on Instagram.

Creative Director and Influencer Lauren Wells

Lauren’s beautiful photos on Instagram give me serious wanderlust. She’s worked with Relais & Châteaux, Visit Napa Valley and Nordstrom, just to name a few.

Home base? Boston, Massachusetts.

Number of countries visited with your daughter? We flew to Tulum, Mexico when our daughter was three months old, and since then, have brought her to about ten more countries throughout South America, Europe and Asia. She is the cutest travel buddy around, or as they said in Japan, “kawaii!” (cute).

Best thing about traveling with kids? Everything! The older she gets, the more aware and engaged and curious she becomes, truly soaking it all in and saying “wooow” at every turn. Watching her experience everything and grow in many ways during every trip is so rewarding. I think travel is the best gift we can give her right now. 

Hardest thing about traveling with kids? The flights for sure. We always fly economy, and being one she is still a lap baby, so without much personal space, we aim to keep her as happy and occupied as possible. We try to give it a solid 150% from take off to landing, and so far so good… but it is definitely hard work, albeit worth it! We even wanted to try booking a trip on a private jet similar to the ones from Jettly. This can be an amazing trip!

Won’t leave home without? Besides my baby girl? 😉 I would have to say my Kindle. I am an avid reader, and there is nothing more relaxing to me than snuggling up with my family and a good book. 

Most family-friendly destination you’ve visited? It is tough to choose one, but Switzerland is definitely up there. In our experience, all of Europe is incredibly family-friendly, but Switzerland took it to a whole new level with their alpine playgrounds and inherent warmth.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for moms who are intimated, but want to travel with their children? Just go! Most hiccups will make for good stories, and once you brave the first trip, you will have the confidence for so many more!, @laurenswells

Image of Kate McMahon with daughter in Cannes
Kate McMahon with her daughter in Cannes.

Documentary Producer and Journalist Kate McMahon

A film Kate helped produce was nominated for an Oscar in 2005. Her hard-hitting documentaries and stories for PBS and OPB are always enlightening.

Home base? Portland, Oregon.

Countries visited with your children? Five foreign countries: France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Victoria, BC. Our daughter was 16 months old the first time we traveled abroad as a family. We rented a two-bedroom villa in the bohemian Le Suquet quarter of Cannes, France. Four years and one more child later, we returned to Europe – this time to Barcelona, Geneva and Paris. Our kids are now ten and six.

Best thing about traveling with kids? The portal they open to the inner world of a foreign place. Kids are kids wherever they go. And, we moms, no matter what culture or country we’re in, give each other the same knowing/sympathetic looks when our kids are misbehaving, being cute, getting hurt or demanding (asking) politely for something. I love the connections I have made on playgrounds with other parents in other countries.  

Hardest thing about traveling with kids? The time zone change and what it does to their little internal clocks. When we took our 20-month-old son to Europe for the first time, we budgeted three full days of sleep training before we counted our first day of vacation. We could have used five! Last year we discovered Victoria, BC is the perfect international destination because it’s only a six-hour drive from Portland – and it’s in the same time zone! (Bonus!!)

Won’t leave home without? My crossbody Longchamp bag. It lets me be more hands-free in the airport, is easy to get my ID and boarding pass in and out of, and is a “third” bag when there is a two-bag carry-on limit. I’m the type of traveler that never leaves extra room in my suitcase – so every extra square inch I can find is a good thing!

When it comes to family-friendly destinations, Victoria, BC, stands out as a gem, even excluding the ever-popular Disneyland. Navigating this picturesque city is a breeze, with transportation options ranging from water taxis to leisurely horse-drawn carriages. What sets Victoria apart is not just its scenic beauty but also a unique aspect of its real estate market, driven by the senior demographic. The emphasis here is on homes that are not only spacious but designed to accommodate the joyous chaos of grandchildren, all within proximity to welcoming parks.

The allure of Victoria extends beyond its housing dynamics to the enchanting parks, playgrounds, and beaches that make it an ideal family retreat. Picture this: a park that doubles as the residence for a playful herd of goats, adding a touch of whimsy to outdoor adventures. Meanwhile, a playground featuring a thrilling zip line promises endless joy for the young and the young at heart. And let’s not forget the serene beaches, providing a perfect backdrop for leisurely family moments.

In the midst of this family-friendly haven, there’s an anchor that ties the city’s charm to practicality—the promise of the most accurate housing market predictions. Victoria’s real estate landscape not only caters to the present needs of families but also offers foresight into future trends. It’s a place where the enchantment of family life meets the reliability of well-informed decisions.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for moms who are intimated, but want to travel with their children? There is no way to predict all the uncertainties of traveling with kids. That’s actually what makes the adventure so great! Prepare yourself with enough local knowledge about your destination like where’s the nearest grocery store? Where’s the nearest hospital? Where’s the nearest playground? Then, pack your bags as minimally as possible and remember that you can buy the rest of your necessities once you’ve arrived.

Image of Dulci Edge with her son Charley in Paris
Dulci with her son Charley in Paris.

Art Director and Stylist Dulci Edge

Dulci’s stylish aesthetic comes through in her work for clients such as Gal Meets Glam, Sephora and J.Crew and on her travel blog The Far & Near.

Home base: San Francisco, California.

Approximate miles traveled with your son? Over 100,000 miles!

Best thing about traveling with kids? Kids are the ultimate ice breaker. Having Charley with us has been a great way to meet locals and people are more open, friendly and willing to spark up a conversation. It’s also just so cool to see him interacting with the world and watching how curious he is. 

Hardest thing about traveling with kids? Jet lag! 🙁 

One thing you won’t leave home without? Our sound machine. It’s been a major sleep cue for our son since day one and helps create a peaceful sleep environment wherever we are (including thin-walled hotels in Europe!). 

Most family-friendly destination you’ve visited? It seems pretty straightforward, but Hawaii is totally family friendly and so relaxing, you can’t help but feel like you’re really on vacation (which isn’t always possible when traveling with kids!). Spain was also extremely family friendly with young and old enjoying late meals and after dinner strolls.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for moms who are intimated, but want to travel with their children? Always go! It seems totally daunting and impossible at first, but the sooner you go, the easier it will be for everyone. Our son has been traveling since four weeks and he’s a total road warrior and so used to being on the go. He loves going on “adventures” with us and helps us slow down and enjoy things at a slower pace., @ladulcivida

Image of Kelley Ferro with daughter in Italy.
Kelley and daughter Aurora in Tuscany

Filmmaker and Host Kelley Ferro

Kelley has visited a whopping 70 countries. Her bubbly and adventurous personality comes through in the travel videos she creates for companies like CNN and Fodor’s.

Home base: Santa Monica, California.

Number of countries visited with your daughter? In her 8.5 months, my daughter Aurora has been on nine flights, stayed in 12 hotels/Airbnbs and visited Europe!

Best thing about traveling with kids? Traveling with my infant has made the usual see-it-all, do-it-all me slow down. There’s less of a rush as the point of the trip has shifted to making sure we enjoy the few things that we can do, rather than try to do it all. 

Hardest thing about traveling with kids? The flights are daunting, especially for my very alert little girl. She doesn’t want to sleep if there’s anything else going on, so as you can imagine, flights are very exciting for her and very exhausting for me. 

One thing you won’t leave home without? Her lovey! That soft little monkey helps her feel secure and helps her nap, no matter where we are. I also love her pacifier wipes for all the toys that inevitably get dropped on the floor and her Hatch Night Light/Sound Machine for making bedtime feel like home. 

Most family-friendly destination you’ve visited? Italy was extremely family friendly! The locals went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and welcome. Some restaurants even allowed us to eat early (7pm) since our little one had to go bed. A couple of times when she was crying, locals at tables nearby offered to hold her. In Italy, having your kids with you all the time is natural and it made everywhere we went and everything we did that much easier. It made us realize how the USA is a bit less welcoming of kids in the “wrong” environments. 

What’s your biggest piece of advice for moms who are intimated, but want to travel with their children? Traveling with kids IS intimidating, I get it. But I do believe that the more we’ve done it, the better we all have gotten at it. What I realized is one tough day is usually worth all the other amazing days together. These memories can make you so much closer as a family and I feel like it’s made me a better mom. I’m not scared of things not being “perfect” anymore because kids do, @kelleyferro

Image of Kristin Chambers and son Michael in the Maldives
Kristin and son Michael in the Maldives.

Luxury Travel Specialist Kristin Chambers

Kristin is the ultimate luxury travel insider. She founded D.A. Luxury Travel in 2007.

Home base? Boston, Massachusetts.

Countries visited with your son? 11 countries with son Michael.

Best thing about traveling with kids? Learning what is important to them in new destinations. Hearing the one-liners, listening to their “awe” as they are introduced to a new situation. I have found my son exercises his ability to be adaptable in foreign countries much more than when we are at home. For example, at home, he likes his eggs and pancakes cooked a certain way. In Sri Lanka, he dove into a platter of curried dahl with his hands our second day! Never tried it before, finished it all! Proud mama!

Hardest thing about traveling with kids? They are still learning to listen to their bodies and jet lag and exhaust can creep in at non-ideal times. As adults, we can often power through, however with kids, you never know where you may be when they just hit that wall. Go with the flow and do not worry if you miss out on an experience, there will be more!

Won’t leave home without? Emergen-C packets, multi-vitamins, Canon, Mike’s trip journal.

Most family-friendly destination you’ve visited? Italy. Even if not their own, they hugely value the next generation and express so much joy when families visit their restaurants, shops, etc. They initiate conversations and will offer up engaging conversations. This is one of the reasons we loved Northern Italy so much.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for moms who are intimated, but want to travel with their children? Anything off the daily routine is traveling! Hop in the car, explore a new town, eat a new food. We recently went to Morris, CT to visit friends. On the way home, we stopped at a local dairy. I asked if we could pay for a small ice cream tasting. Everything was local, and we had an awesome experience. They even let us in the back to see the daily kitchen routines. Travelers always want to get into a kitchen in Italy, why not Morris, CT!, @daluxurytravel

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Header photo courtesy of Lauren Wells.

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