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Buying Wine in Paris

By Justin Chiotti Can we agree that one of the romantic notions associated with Paris involves buying a bottle of wine and drinking it in an ideal setting; a park, along the river, or in view of an iconic landmark? So, in a city filled with tiny specialty shops certainly […]


Bob’s Bake Shop

Anybody who thinks there is no good healthy food in Paris hasn’t been to Marc Grossman’s Bob’s Juice Bar and Bob’s Kitchen, which serve amazing rice and veggie bowls, soups, salads and cold-pressed juices– his green juice concoction of kale, spirulina, apple, ginger, lemon and a bunch of other herbs […]


The Best Bread in Paris

I think Paris is the best bread city in the world. I can’t tell you how many times I stop dead in my tracks when I smell the intoxicating scent of fresh bread baking and inevitably follow my nose to another gorgeous boulangerie. Baguettes are by far the biggest sellers- […]

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Le Bar Kléber at the Peninsula Paris

This historic room at the Peninsula Paris was the backdrop for the end of the Vietnam War. It has been reimagined as one of the city’s most beautiful bars. The new Peninsula Paris hotel is located in a stunning Haussmannian building near the Arc de Triomphe with a very storied […]


Paris’s Best Mexican Restaurants

Contrary to popular belief, Paris has Mexican food and some of it isn’t half bad. While I’m still searching for a proper fish taco (I’ll let you know if I find it) check out my picks for the city’s best Mexican restaurants here on the Hip Paris blog.


Pierre Sang on Oberkampf

This lively restaurant in the 11th arrondissement was started by Top Chef France finalist Pierre Sang and attracts a largely French crowd. Born in South Korea, Sang was adopted by a French family at the age of 7 and his cuisine really incorporates aspects from both cultures. His technique is unmistakably […]