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Coffee Alfresco in Paris

You only have to look to a quiet courtyard off Rue Saint Honoré to find some of the best coffee in Paris. Tucked in a courtyard off fashionable Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré lies a welcome addition to Paris’s thriving coffee scene. Honor is an outdoor coffee bar owned by Angelle […]


Paris for Jewelry Lovers

My good friend Alexis Vourvoulis is a Graduate Gemologist and an expert on antique jewelry. I was lucky enough to accompany her on a visit to the Musée des Arts Decoratifs and she shared her wealth of knowledge with me. While, it’s unlikely most of us will ever own pieces like the […]


Best Poulet Rôti in Paris

From crêpes to croissants, there are no shortage of treats to crave in Paris, but one of the most truly addictive dishes is the poulet rôti, or roast chicken, that churns on rotisseries outside most butchers and in Paris’ outdoor markets. I’ve tried my fare share of these birds and […]

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Breakfast at Le Royal Monceau

The word buffet makes me shutter. Not because of the quality of the food, infact many buffets these days are stocked with delicious, fresh, healthy food, but because I find all of the choices overwhelming. I tend to short circuit and end up with a pile of things that don’t […]


Paris for Runners

This month I’m busy prepping for the rapidly approaching Semi-Marathon de Paris in March and I’m definitely playing catch up after sagging behind on the running front over the holidays. Running is one of my favorite things to do in Paris and I’ve been happy to see more and more people […]