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La Grenouillère

In a quite corner of Northern France lies a magical place called La Grenouillère. Located in a rambling white farmhouse, the small inn features uneven black and white floors and a storybook-like lounge decorated with a frog mural from the 1920’s (the name of the inn means the froggery), worn-in vintage rugs and […]


Best Poulet Rôti in Paris

From crêpes to croissants, there are no shortage of treats to crave in Paris, but one of the most truly addictive dishes is the poulet rôti, or roast chicken, that churns on rotisseries outside most butchers and in Paris’ outdoor markets. I’ve tried my fare share of these birds and […]

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Breakfast at Le Royal Monceau

The word buffet makes me shutter. Not because of the quality of the food, infact many buffets these days are stocked with delicious, fresh, healthy food, but because I find all of the choices overwhelming. I tend to short circuit and end up with a pile of things that don’t […]


America’s Best Food Halls

I’ve been pretty obsessed with food halls ever since I visited the Oxbow Public Market in Napa in 2010. Sure I grew up going to farmers’ markets and  I loved the Pikes Place Market in Seattle, but this felt different. Every gourmet food item imaginable– fresh shucked oysters, crepes, charcuterie all under […]


Bob’s Bake Shop

Anybody who thinks there is no good healthy food in Paris hasn’t been to Marc Grossman’s Bob’s Juice Bar and Bob’s Kitchen, which serve amazing rice and veggie bowls, soups, salads and cold-pressed juices– his green juice concoction of kale, spirulina, apple, ginger, lemon and a bunch of other herbs […]


The Best Bread in Paris

I think Paris is the best bread city in the world. I can’t tell you how many times I stop dead in my tracks when I smell the intoxicating scent of fresh bread baking and inevitably follow my nose to another gorgeous boulangerie. Baguettes are by far the biggest sellers- […]