I quit my job as a TV news reporter in 2008 because I only got ten days of vacation a year, had to work holidays and be on call on weekends. I’ve been traveling ever since. My now husband and I enjoyed our travels so much in those first three years from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to backpacking through Argentina, I wised up and decided to make traveling my career. I became a freelance food and travel writer in 2011. My writing has appeared in the pages of Sunset Magazine, Travel & Leisure, Departures, Robb Report, San Diego Magazine and on BonAppetit.com, but even these assignments don’t allow me to tell all the travel stories I have swirling in my head and so I’ve started this website so I can share all the knowledge I’ve gleaned with you.

When you start combing through the website, you’ll notice Paris is a favorite subject matter. My husband and I recently lived in Paris for two years. In order to make it happen Justin kept his job as a San Diego Fire Fighter and commuted back and forth. We basically had a long distance marriage for two years, a small sacrifice, but something we thought was worth it in order to make living in another country work. We’re currently back in San Diego, but still making regular trips to Paris.

Why travelproper? I’ve always loved the word proper. To me it harkens back to a time when people had better manners and a sense of decorum. I like to think of it as doing things the right way so you could say travelproper means traveling the right way. For me this means getting off the beaten tourist track, immersing yourself in a culture when you arrive and splurging smartly. I love great food and nice accommodations and I’m always looking for that gem of a hotel or restaurant that is affordable without sacrificing style or authenticity.

I hope this website inspires people to travel and gives them itineraries that they can replicate. I don’t want travel to just be a fantasy that people dream of doing one day, I want to give you the tools and ideas to make it happen.

Please use this website as a resource if you’re traveling to Paris or any of the other destinations we’ve covered. On this website you’ll find hotel and restaurant reviews, city guides and suggested itineraries for our favorite destinations as well as stories about our adventures. Please share your favorite destinations, restaurants and hotels with us so we can put them on our next travel itinerary.

A few notes about the website;

I write only about places I truly love and would recommend whole heartedly.

All the pictures on the site have been taken by me or my husband, unless otherwise noted. We have a Canon 6D.

If you’d like to get in touch with me you can follow me on Twitter @caseyhatfield. You can also find me on Instagram @travelproper and find me on Facebook here. If you have questions about the site, or need a writer for a project please email me at casey@travelproper.com and if you’d like to see my work take a look at my online portfolio.


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  1. Hi Casey- love your site! Hope you’re well! I tried the link to your email, but it leads back to your home page. Have some new hotel openings that I would love to share with you! Feel free to email me!



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