I’ve always loved food festivals. I think it started growing up in Portland, Oregon. Once a year we’d head to The Bite, a summer food festival on the waterfront featuring many of Portland’s best restaurants. I would gorge myself on Ethiopian food and berry shortcake layered with vanilla ice cream.  When I started spending more time in France, I was curious how the most food-obsessed culture on earth would execute an outdoor food festival. Would the food be mediocre and over priced as so often happens in the U.S. or would there be foie gras, truffles and excellent wine? I’m happy to say the latter is true especially at Fêtes des Vendanges de Montmartre, a food and wine festival that celebrates the harvest of Clos Montmartre, the last active vineyard in Paris. Click above for a slideshow of dishes from the event that runs through Sunday in Montmartre and keep your eyes peeled for these specialities at food festivals and markets throughout France.

What is your single favorite festival food? Please let me know in the comments!


  1. LOVE Les Flottants in Sept at quai de Montebello
    And les Coquille Saint Jacques in Jan in Montmartre..but there are so many to choose from in Paris!!

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